Demonsaw – The Future of Information Sharing

Author: perry
11th Nov 2015


We would like to welcome a new member into the fold here at Viva, Eijah from Demonsaw has recently joined our hosting family.

Anonymity and Social Encryption for all! When Eijah set out to make Demonsaw he had one goal; make really strong security simple or in his words “Remove the complexity so that it wasn’t something that only a Phd or a geek could use but to make it accessible for everyone.” Demonsaw is a non peer-to-peer information sharing platform. So unlike Skype or Bittorrent there is no direct connection between users. This is achieved through a network of routers which do nothing but redirect or bounce data, keeping no logs and displaying no identifiable information. It does this all while utilizing multiple layers of cryptography. Demonsaw is also available on multiple platforms including Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, Debian, and more. Although even if you don’t down load the program you’re already participating by browsing the web. Demonsaw uses the https protocol for all of its data making it impossible for internet providers or anyone else to block the traffic.

Additionally the routers encrypt everything and do so with uniquely generated keys for every different connection. Meaning that each message between clients is encrypted under different keys while additionally any files shared are likewise so. Demonsaw also has another level of cryptology at the client level with “social cryptology” you can use a photo or url to create private groups. Just tell your friend, hey remember that hilarious shot from last Friday? Then you both load up the picture and suddenly you have a private group that is separated by another layer of cryptology from the router. You can add as many of these as you like too and will work with any file or url.

Currently Demonsaw only operates as a file sharing, chat and private messaging platform but its creator Eijah has plans to roll out Demoncast with version 3.0 where users will be able to stream video and audio making it an anonymous media content delivery system. The usage is of course totally up to individual whims. However Eijah is looking at it to be an alternative to YouTube, or Spotify where the media is uncensored and can foster freedom of speech online. Some other things to look for in the near future from Eijah include an Android client, voice & video chat, as well as a dropbox like sync function.

Right now the bandwidth speed is rather limited because you are dealing with typical problems of moving data from single streams through a large network, however Eijah has plans with version 3.0 to include a shared serving solution which would allow multiple transactions of data from multiple clients through the routers  to a single source that will surpass the current level of data transfer rates and better utilising our modern high speed infastrcture.

Corporations and government which, let’s face it are pretty much one and the same are now trying to get their hands on the internet in the same manner that they have their grasp on things like power, water, and let’s also not forget oil among other things. The internet is different though, we made it, we make it up, and as we have been told time and time again we are the products and the purchasers. Fortunately we have people like Eijah working hard to put the power of choice back into the hands of its users, Viva la Demonsaw!

And some useful links… official homepage for demonsaw list of publicly accessible servers

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