Bernie Sanders 2016

Author: perry
19th Aug 2015

Bernie Sanders 2016


The coverage of Bernie is mostly talking about how he cannot be a viable candidate for 2016. This is for his recognition: 

He has an amazingly consistent voting record when it comes to supporting people and not big business. If you’re interested in having a politician represent you who is driven by doing the best they can for their country and not just supporting the whims of fundraisers, then get informed at his website. If you like what you see make sure to also like his FB page so your friendly FB algorithm can get clued in, will bump his stuff in your feeds. Of course there is also nothing so encouraging to any media outlet as seeing your interest peaked. Which if you take away nothing else from this post its that if you want to see more about him make your interest public in any way possible. We can all demand our voices back together. Bernie Sanders 2016! 

P.S. Enjoy the animated graphic I’ve made.Feel free to use at your discretion; the pleasure would be all mine.


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