Happy 4th of July!

Author: perry
4th Jul 2015



We here at Viva we would like to take a moment, before this hotdog and fireworks extravaganza begins, to salute all of those that have – and those that will serve! This is not only for our service members, but also especially for those citizens out there actively trying to make things better for those around them. First, we would like to mention Edward Snowden; someone who gave up a great deal of his liberty, not so that he could save ours, but so that we could have the opportunity to.

So, in the celebratory nature of the day lets look at how some of that has been accomplished. Snowden releasing the documents had one really great effect, which leads us to our second thing: When the information came out that companies such as AT&T, Comcast, Google, etc. were actively giving away your information, enough of you got upset and companies became worried over loosing customers. Thirdly, at this time, the EFF also started a great program: “Who has your back?”. This program independently audits companies for how actively they protect your information vs. how freely they give it away, and also if they tell you, when they give it away. Since the time the documents were published and this program began a lot of the companies have actually improved their policies, although there is of course still more room to grow. If you aren’t familiar with this program or the EFF, it would really behoove you to have a look as this effects 99% of us.

The collection of our personal data is impossible to stop and ultimately something that can do a lot of good for us on the whole. We just have to make sure that we support the use of our data with honest and open intentions while we reject those without. Concretely, we need to regulate the internet with a greater emphasis on the interest of the American citizens.

“Big Brother is watching.” — George Orwell

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