Hodo Lee [BE HOLD]

Author: perry
2nd Jul 2015

Hodo Lee [BE HOLD] Interview



It’s strange to find that I can fly in dreams, yet still be limited. Even in dreams of flying and floating I am not free from boundaries. I remain adrift, yet confined within a dream scene.

Feelings of sympathy, confusion and constraint remain remnants of these floating dreams. They linger now within these images. -Hodo Lee

Hodo Lee [BE HOLD]

PM: So where did this series come from, or what inspired you to make it?

HL: I was attending MICA and living in one of their student housing buildings. The building itself had been recently bought by MICA and revamped for student housing and studios. It was all nice, new and quite safe and secure. The surrounding area however was what you would imagine from watching wire and why the housing was so secured with fencing, electric card reader, cameras, and more. Although this attempt to protect me from my surroundings more left me with a feeling of isolation, you know? It was this feeling that lead me to make this series.

PM: So this was exploring a feeling of being jailed or isolated from the city for you?

HL: Not just city. I feel this can represent a more universal situation. I’m not trying to tell of a particular moment in Baltimore. I am showing that even though I(or you) think that I’m free but the reality is I’m just wandering like that fish which is jailed

Hodo Lee [BE HOLD]

PM: Why this bright clown fish?

HL: Oh, the fish is my avatar or persona, common sense would dictate that the fish couldn’t be that kind of space, we realize this instantly but it provides me with a point of interest to start with.

PM: I can also see how the fish would work with your theme of isolation. A fish that is missing his ocean or being a literal fish out of water.

HL: It also contributes a great deal to establishing narration in these images.

Hodo Lee [BE HOLD]

PM: Does this connect to other work you’ve done?

HL: Yup, my basic theme involves the relationship with environment. Sometimes I layout my scene with extreme amounts of black or white and use this to emphasise a feeling or to control the relationship of objects within the environment.

Hodo Lee [BE HOLD]

PM: Do you do a lot of post work in photoshop or do you do this with just staging, selecting?

HL: Both, I will carefully select my locations but then after shooting I go back and edit the colors, remove distracting objects such as door knobs and signs. Not just that they’re distracting but also I bring a bit of the surreal into the images this way too.

PM: Where can people find you and your work online?

HL: http://www.hodolee.com http://www.hodoleeblog.com and http://www.facebook.com/hodoleeworks

Hodo Lee [BE HOLD] Hodo Lee [BE HOLD] Hodo Lee [BE HOLD]

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